20+ Email Mockup Templates for Streamlining Your Design Workflow

Email Mockup Templates

Are you in search of the perfect email mockup or template to enhance your design process? Look no further! We have curated a collection of email mockup templates that will satisfy the needs of both marketers and designers. For every campaign, select from a variety of adaptable email templates and add some flair with striking email signatures. It’s the quickest way to improve your email marketing approach.

Why Email Mockup Templates Matter?

Email advertising and marketing remain a powerful tool for companies to connect to their target audience. However, status out in a crowded inbox requires more than simply compelling content material. The visible presentation of your emails performs a critical position in shooting your target audience’s interest and conveying your emblem message successfully. Email mockup templates offer various visually attractive designs that may elevate the impact of your email campaigns, making them more enticing and remarkable.

Best Multiple Email Mockup Templates Tailored to Your Needs

We have handpicked selection of email mockup templates offering attractive designs as well as outstanding choices for newsletters, email signatures, and much more. Whether you’re a designer or a marketer, these templates are tailor-made to serve various business needs, bringing creativity and efficiency to your projects.

Here are 20+ email mockup templates that will revolutionize your email marketing strategy:

Email Signature Templates

Modern Email Template


This fresh email signature template features a chic design, best for marketers and freelancers aiming to project a present-day facet. With 4 design layouts and easy customization, it’s a versatile asset for professional communication.


Email Signature Template PSD & AI


A flexible email signature template perfect for personalizing your business correspondence. With multiple size options and smart object support, this template offers seamless integration of your images.


Editable Email Signature Template

Email signature templates for Gmail

Enhance your branding with this powerful, vector-based email signature template. Available in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and XD formats, it offers full customization options.


Retro Email Signature Template

Retro email signature template free

An elegant and fresh email signature template perfect for personal as well as professional use. This bundle includes 3 different signature sizes and is compatible with popular design software.


Geometric Shapes Email Signature Template


Customize your emails with this vibrant and customizable email signature template. The well-organized layer structure and compatibility with multiple signature sizes make it a valuable asset.


Elegant Email Signature Template


This simple email signature template with a chic-style design is perfect for professionals in the various industries. Available in different graphic formats for easy use.


Material Email Signature Template

Email Banner Template

A flexible creative email signature template featuring modern design elements and appealing colors. It offers dual versions that are fully editable, ensuring a professional touch.


Gradient Email Signature Template


Highly customizable email signature template ideal for photographers, providing stylish gradient colorings and readable typography. Offered as an editable Figma file for easy modification.


Minimal Email Signature Template

Minimal Style Email Design Template

Offering sleek and minimalist styling for email signature template. Created with high-quality colors and customizable elements.


Simple Email Signature Template

Customizable Email PSD Template

An elegantly minimalist email signature template designed for both business and personal use. Full to  customise with various types of file formats for smooth integration.


Email Newsletter Templates

Stylish Email Newsletter Template
Stylish Model Email Newsletter

A sleek, current email newsletter template for any business kind, including tech, e-commerce, retail, and corporate. Crafted with professional care and fully editable.


Beauty Product Email Newsletter Template


Tailored email newsletter template for beauty and lifestyle product promotions. Easy-to-edit layout with vector-based assets and compatibility with Figma.


Event Promo Email Newsletter Template


Versatile email newsletter template ideal for promoting events across various sectors such as e-commerce and retail. Features a clean, professional design and practical Figma and XD templates.


Business Email Newsletter Template

New Business Email Newsletter

Perfect for furnishing and interior design brands, this email newsletter template offers easy customization options. Compatible with Photoshop and Illustrator formats.


Elegant Email Newsletter Template

Elegant Email Newsletter Template

An well-designed email newsletter template with classy elegant layout. Fully customizable with compatibility across different design software.


Fashion Email Newsletter Template

Fashion Newsletter

Ideal for fashion business promotions, this email newsletter template is ready-to-use with editable text and color. Available in layered Photoshop, Figma, and XD files.


Minimalist Email Newsletter Template

Minimalist Email Newsletter

A glossy, professional email newsletter template ideal for selling services or products. Complete with Adobe PSD and XD versions for easy customization.


Charity Email Newsletter Templates

Charity Email Newsletter Templates

Creative email newsletter template pack for charities and nonprofits aiming to elevate budget for their motives. Sleek, modern design that can help boost donations. Included are four precise templates in editable XD format.


Trendy Email Newsletter Templates

Watch Trendy | Email Newsletter

Strikingly colorful, user-friendly email newsletter templates built with a robust design system. Over 100 icons and free Google fonts are included for easy customization. Perfect for any communication, from fashion events to vacation needs.


Corporate Email Newsletter Templates

Corporate Email Newsletter

Professional email newsletter templates for company manufacturers and corporations, improving the effectiveness of email advertising. Available in Adobe PSD and Adobe XD versions, with a smooth format that’s completely editable.


Email Marketing Template Kit

Email Marketing Template

Valuable email newsletter template for creating compelling marketing emails, offering an intuitive design system and compatibility across popular design software.


Email Theme Builder Kit

Email Theme Builder

Exceptional template kit for crafting wireframe-style marketing emails and newsletters, compatible with Figma and Adobe XD. Offers over 40 format templates, numerous email components, typography, and color assets.


Beauty Email Newsletter for Marketing

Beauty Email Newsletter for Marketing

A ready-to-use newsletter template tailored for promoting beauty products, showcasing a professional yet simple design. Available in PSD, Figma, and XD formats for versatile marketing efforts.


Best Free Email Signature Templates

Free Professional Email Signature Template

Hand drawn email signature template

Perfect for all types of professionals, especially for professional marketers and agencies. The template sections for showcasing your profile photo and business logo as well.


Free Email Signature Template for Freelancers

email signature template

Ideal for freelancers, this free email signature design has all the right elements for showcasing your contact information and credentials in one place.


Free Dark Email Signature Template

Dark email signature template

With most interfaces now using dark themes, this dark email signature template comes with a bold design but with a professional vibe.


Free Marketing Email Signature Template

Gradient email signature template

A stylish and colorful free email signature template perfect for marketing agencies and freelancers. Fully editable with a professional design.


Free Simple Email Signature Template

Email signature template design

A smooth layout that without a doubt showcases your information in a dependent manner. The template comes in PSD format, and it’s free to use, ideal for a minimalist design.



Having a broad and adaptable selection of email mockup templates at your disposal can greatly improve your design process. These templates are made to improve your email marketing strategy and expedite your workflow, whether you’re searching for free email signature options, newsletter templates, or email signature templates.

With the appropriate templates at your fingertips, you can use eye-catching and polished email designs to engage your audience and successfully convey your brand message.

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